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Think Shoes

Think! Shoes RSA Distributor, Isabelle Stieger, runs an online and offline business that sells beautifully unique shoes. She's a busy lady that doesn't have time to wait in bank queues when she needs bridging finance quickly to bring more stock in for her shop. After applying for business funding with us she was able to get the funding she needed within 24 hours with no paper work involved. The ease of access and easy application process was what Isabelle found convenient as a small business owner.

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Cape Coffee Beans

Cape Coffee Beans, beloved by coffee lovers across South Africa, is an e-commerce business founded by Phaedon Gourtsoyannis. Because Phaedon is a foreign national and the sole director it wasn't easy for him to get funding from the banks with their stringent criteria. We stepped in to help make it possible for Phaedon to get access to the funding he needed for inventory purchases. Since then Lulalend has become working capital finance for Cape Coffee Beans.

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IMAS CEO shares how Lulalend helped his business grow

Nathi Thela, CEO of the Institute of Management Accounting and Strategy (IMAS), tells us about his experience with Lulalend and how we were able to help him with quick, easy access to business funding so that he could continue to accommodate more students and address the shortage of skilled accountants and finance managers identified by the National Skills Fund of South Africa.

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Working capital has been one of the biggest challenges for Nkosinathi Thela, CEO of the Institute of Management Accounting and Strategy. This institute offers high-quality professional accountancy education for aspiring CIMA accountants. With a shortage of working capital threatening growth and the sustainability for one of their campuses, Lulalend was able to assist them in getting the funds they needed to continue providing quality education.

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Nkosinathi Thela, CEO of IMAS Smiling

Reyakopele Trading

Mzoxolo Andrew Yokwe, owner of a small business called Reyakopele Trading, which manufactures and distributes cleaning products for mining companies approached Lulalend when he had a potential contract lined up with the kitchen division of a listed gold mining company. But he required stock in order to be able to meet demands and secure the contract that could bring him significant business growth. We were able to provide him with the business funding he needed for the stock, and as a result, he was able to secure the contract and has since seen his sales orders grow along with his annual growth.

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Key funding challenges for South African SMEs

Following the results of our survey with local businesses: access to credit is the single biggest business challenge South African SMEs face today, with a further 33% listing cash flow management as a primary challenge. This report aims to uncover the challenges SMEs currently face, the role funding could play in addressing such challenges, and highlight the level of support and access South African SMEs currently experience with regard to funding.

Young Employee of Bakery SME

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