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Why debt can be good for growing business


Debt can be a tool for growing your business

Business debt can have huge payoffs for companies that know how to use it to their advantage. Too many business owners fear it and think that by taking on debt they're admitting that their business has problems. What they don’t understand is that the value of debt is determined by how you use it.

Having to expand your premises, make new hires, invest in new stock or manage your cash flow means that things are happening, and your business has business. In short, it often means it’s growing.

At Lulalend we profit for you, not from you

Business owners often turn to their bank when looking for business financing. But the application process is time consuming, paper intensive and drawn out because of strict regulations.

We look at businesses in a different way, taking into consideration your time and your real business health. Our application process is quicker and simpler. Oh, and did we mention that often when the banks say no, we say yes?

In 8-minutes you can apply for unsecured funding of up to R1,500,000 (that's more or less the amount of time it took you to make coffee this morning) and get access to your funds in 24-hours (think this time tomorrow).

Working Capital Finance | Get Funded with Lulalend Working

Working capital finance provides the cash businesses need on a day-to-day basis. It is ideal for businesses looking to cover expenses such as inventory, marketing campaigns or any other purchase required to help sustain your business growth.

Equipment financing | Get Funded with Lulalend

Having the necessary equipment is vital to keeping your business operating smoothly. Replacing, upgrading or purchasing equipment for the first time can put a lot of pressure on your cash flow but with the right equipment financing, you can get the things your business needs without making a dent in the bottom line.

Cash Flow Financing | Get Funded with Lulalend

Cash flow financing is ideal for business owners who need to fill gaps in working capital. Cash flow can help provide financing assistance for costs such as launching new marketing promotions, unforeseen expenses and more.

Business Financing | Get Funded with Lulalend Working

Business financing helps cover business purchases such as new inventory, upgraded equipment and marketing costs. Business financing can cover various cash flow needs that business owners face, which makes it easier to keep growing.

Bridging Finance | Get Funded with Lulalend

Bridging finance is essentially an advance that helps solve cash flow issues due to growth related challenges in a business. It is often used for a once-off need or regular use in a business for the short term. Many businesses who are contract or project-based find bridging finance the right match.

Short Term Business Finance | Get Funded with Lulalend

Whether you’re only a year old or an established business who has immediate financing needs, short-term business finance can bridge gaps in cash flow. Business owners who need quick access to funds and will be able to pay back the business loan quickly should consider this type of finance.

Inventory Financing | Get Funded with Lulalend

Inventory financing is ideal for retail or product-oriented businesses that need to have inventory on hand at all times. Business owners who have to prepare for bulk orders or peak seasons can benefit from inventory financing.

Cash Advance | Get Funded with Lulalend

A cash advance is like instant cash for immediate or urgent financial needs. Businesses that need to cover costs quickly or run into unforeseen circumstances can benefit from this type of financing.

Small business financing | Get Funded with Lulalend

Small business financing is suited for business owners seeking quick and easy access to funds. When faced with a need to cover unexpected expenses, consider unsecured small business financing so you can continue to help your business grow.