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Cash advance


Get funding, fast.

The toll of a typical merchant cash advance

When you receive a merchant cash advance (MCA) your business gains upfront working capital in exchange for a percentage of future credit card sales.Merchant cash advance lenders frequently partner with card processing companies to hold back a percentage of sales revenue.

Essentially what you're doing is selling future income in exchange for immediate access to working capital – at a high interest rate and potentially a huge cost to your business.

Because merchant cash advances are not loans, these agreements are not held to the same laws that regulate lenders, so interest rates can be upwards of 80%.

A financing option that won't mess you around

While some business owners may go the merchant cash advance route it is often because there is no other option in order for them to get the working capital they need… enter Lulalend! Unlike a typical merchant cash advance we provide quick, easy access with a better repayment solution and competitive costs.

Accessing small business funding shouldn't be complicated or time consuming, so we've developed a way to get you financed for up to R1,500,000 in minutes.

Up to R1,500,000 line of credit | Choose a 6 or 12-month term | Qualify in 8-minutes

There's a better way to fund your business

"It's really difficult to get access to funding for small businesses. We tend to go to banks first, where you have to fill out a 60 page bible. I came across Lulalend. It's a very quick process, within 24 hours you have your funding."

Mondisa Goduka, Owner of The Kids Cooking Club

Why Lulalend?

8-minute application process
Unsecured financing
Transparent, flexible terms
Trusted by local SMEs
Access to finance in 24-hours
No long queues or extensive paperwork
Customer-centric service
We say yes more often

Financing to suit your business

Unsecured business financing

Industry specific financing

Get approved for up to R1,500,000 today. No fees, no commitments.