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Financing that needs a firm foundation

The construction industry is known to be project based and rather seasonal. Because of the project - based cycle business owners require regular cash flow in order to purchase material to secure up-coming projects. However, payment from existing or on - going projects can be delayed or only come through once the job is done which has a knock-on effect that is never good for business.

When this happens, and it almost always does, Immediate access to cash is a necessity. A gap in working capital can prevent even the most profitable firms from getting on with the next job.

Build your business on financing you can trust

Lulalend provides financing for construction companies that can address gaps in working capital and give you the extra boost you need.

Many traditional lenders do not like to lend to construction firms, and their lengthy approval processes can require extensive paperwork. But at Lulalend we want to help you cut through the red tape to get the financing you need for your construction business.

Financing for your construction business is available through our fast, 8-minute online application process. Accessing business funding shouldn't be complicated or time consuming, so we've made a way for you to get financed for up to R1,500,000 in 24 hours.

Up to R1,500,000 line of credit | Choose a 6 or 12-month term | Qualify in 8-minutes

There's a better way to fund your business

"Lulalend took more into consideration than just the type of business. They were willing to lend to our organisation despite IMAS not being your typical business."

Nkosinatho Thela, CEO of IMAS

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8-minute application process
Unsecured financing
Transparent, flexible terms
Trusted by local SMEs
Access to finance in 24-hours
No long queues or extensive paperwork
Customer-centric service
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Get approved for up to R1,500,000 today. No fees, no commitments.