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Industry specific business finance

Industry-specific business financing accommodates the various needs of small businesses operating in particular industries. Choosing funding that targets your industry can ensure you can cover the expenses relevant to your business. Regardless of your industry, tailored small business funding can be the best way to ensure that your business will succeed in your industry.

There are several industry-specific funding options available to small business owners, helping you get established within your particular space. If you are interested in learning more about how industry-specific business financing can help your small business, we’ve provided some insight below.

Retail Financing | Get Funded with Lulalend

Business owners operating in the retail space can find many uses for retail financing. Whether you’re stocking up on inventory for a busy season or purchasing equipment or technology to improve your customers’ experiences (online or offline), you can benefit from small business financing for retail.

Financing for Restaurants | Get Funded with Lulalend

Working in the restaurant industry comes with substantial expenses: kitchen equipment, bulk orders of food and marketing expenses. Small business financing for restaurants can help business owners cover necessary expenses as well as take advantage of new opportunities

Construction Financing | Get Funded with Lulalend

Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, whether for big or small projects, with easy access to finance for your construction company. Business financing can help you cover equipment and labour costs for current projects while also allowing you to take on new opportunities.

Financing for Medical Professionals | Get Funded with Lulalend

Medical professionals have tight reimbursement margins, which can often lead to the need for a quick and easy way to access the working capital required to run a business of this kind. Business financing for doctors and medical professionals can help cover the daily expenses related to running a small business.

Wholesale Inventory Financing | Get Funded with Lulalend

Wholesalers prioritise having large amounts of inventory on hand to support many other small businesses. Wholesale inventory financing is vital to ensuring there is plenty of stock available as you work with other businesses around the world.

Financing for Business Services | Get Funded with Lulalend

With clients who are often slow to pay you still need to maintain your working capital and free up cash flow. Lulalend’s unsecured financing can help you when you need quick access to funds for tax or VAT purposes, office refurbishments, expansion costs or employee salaries.

Financing for Beauty Salons | Get Funded with Lulalend

Whether you are a new beauty salon looking to cover rent and the purchase of equipment, or you are a seasoned business owner wanting to better address day-to-day costs like stocking up on products, payroll or employee training, getting financing for your beauty salon can help you handle your needs and achieve your growth.